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((Quick prompt for miseradreamer while I work on my others; Rachel discovers a hidden talent of Santana’s.))


It was in the middle of a rather uninspiring lecture on The Great Gatsby that Rachel Berry, new captain of the New Directions under the direction of the Spanish teacher Mr. Schuester, noticed that Santana Lopez, first lieutenant to the head cheerleader Quinn Fabray, both members of the Unholy Trinity that also included Brittany Pierce, was folding a loose piece of notebook paper into an origami frog. Her pencil slowly stopping from where she had been bouncing it up and down on her knuckle, Rachel lowered her head forward to surreptitiously get a better look at the girl sitting two seats away from her.

Yes. Santana Lopez was folding origami. She finished the frog, sighed, glanced around (Rachel immediately making like she was studying her written words intently), then pulled out another sheet and, with one more suspicious sweep of the room, slowly crafted an origami unicorn. Her forehead eased, her lips smiled, and then she looked up and caught Rachel watching her. An ugly look slammed onto her face, and she violently crumpled her two animals together.

Flinching from her glare, Rachel sat back and told herself she’d probably benefit from never mentioning anything of what she’d seen. Probably better, she glanced at Santana’s burning dark eyes again, to forget it entirely.

So she did. For three years.

Until the day Santana Lopez, co-head cheerleader with Becky Johnson, walked up to her, now co-captain of the New Directions with Finn Hudson, a bright and shiny gold origami star in her hands. “Here,” she pushed the star at Rachel, leaning in, “Just in case you forget who you truly are.”

“What?” Rachel asked, staring at the gift, then up at Santana.

Turning, Santana stopped, then turned back to her. She looked Rachel up and down; thoughts moved behind her eyes, and she drew in a breath before shaking her head. “You’re more than a boy,” she finally offered as she resumed her walk, glancing back to meet Rachel’s eyes again, “You’ll always be more than anyone else.”

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