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"What are you so afraid of?"

rachel berry + judging people while they sing


This might be one of the best photos I’ve ever taken.


This might be one of the best photos I’ve ever taken.


Maleficent doodle - I dont like children XD


Maleficent doodle - I dont like children

I was so confused about "THAT" word for a sec - and then I laughed. Okay: Obstetrician, kittens, and plague.


Santana’s foot tapped impatiently on the tiled floor. She and Rachel had been sitting in the waiting room for over an hour now, and Santana was seriously planning to yall at their Obstetrician the second they finally saw her. 

"San, calm down," Rachel said, not even looking up from the magazine she was reading. 

"Rach we made an appointment for two. It is now a quarter past three," Santana huffed, crossing her arms and glaring at the wall like it had yalled at her. 

"I’m sure they’ll call us back soon Baby," Rachel said, setting aside the magazine and putting a hand on Santana’s arm. "You know appointments are never on time." 

"I know, but urgh, I’m just so excited to find out the baby’s sex," Santana grumbled, leaning into her wife’s side and toying with the edge of her sweater. 

"I am too Love," Rachel giggled, kissing the woman on the forehead. 

"I also want to get out of this damn waiting room," Santana added as an unruly child threw a coloring book full of kittens across the room, nearly taking out a hospital orderly. "I swear to god if one of these rugrats gives me the plague I’m gonna lose it." 

"Santana, I am positive that none of the children in this room have the plague. I swear sometimes you’re more dramatic than I am," Rachel said rolling her eyes. The sound of a child yalling at the top of it’s lungs made them both wince and Rachel grimaced. “Okay, maybe that one does have the plague.” 




Sit back, you don’t have to work so hard. 

I don’t know what you heard about me. 

When the rain is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace, to make you feel my love.

Life’s a show, and we all play our parts.

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. 

Lawl that oddly all worked together kind of. 

Songs are As You Are by Garfunkel & Oates, P.I.M.P. by 50 Cent, Make You Feel My Love by Adele, Life’s A Show from the Buffy musical episode, and Once Upon A Dream the Lana Del Ray cover. 

Also, I owe you a drabble purrpickle. You should send me like three words or a song title or something so I can use that word.



And prompt sent for that word!

So tomorrow, September 3rd, I have decided, is going to be a Writing Day.

I’m going down my ffnet story list and seeing what stories I haven’t updated in over a year (or even sometimes two or three) and sighing, shaking my head at myself. They deserve better.